1. His His His

From the recording His His His


Katie Brady

I could stay right here
Right here would be a
nice place to stay
Never touch the floor
Never open the door,
have it all my way
If you believe you should leave your home and your mother
Treat everybody
like he’s your brother
Lay down your precious life
for another, oh yeah
Could you abandon your nets regardless of the catch
Leaving your friends and
comfy cul-de-sac
Follow without looking back
*God intends for my life to be
More than easy, more than comfortable, more than perfect
God intends for my life to be
His, his, his*
Look through the eye of a needle, it’s a very small place
But I will meet it face to face before I die
What can I do to come with you
Go through the needle’s eye
If I believe that for me He died and He suffered