From the recording Let The Miracle Begin


Peter Sammel, Rick Rood and Katie Brady

The first whisper to Mary’s womb
The first flutter of a king
The first breath is like a melody
Waiting patiently to sing
*Let the miracle begin
Let the miracle begin
Let the miracle begin*
Through the darkness to the world beyond
Shine a light for all to see
Let the sheppards and the good kings come
Reveal a path of hope for me
Have you come to us a savior?
Have you come to set us free?
I’m kneeling down before the manger
Amazed at what I see,
The birth of joy and peace
In the beginning was the word
And the word was with God
And the word was God
Shining in the darkness
Come shine in the darkness
Oh, for all the world to see
Let the miracle begin